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Doraemon (ド ラ え も ん Doraemon?), Typical name in Vietnam as Doraemon, a robot personality sort of humanlike cats and cartoon series of the very same name. Doraemon was born September 3, 2112 (under the XXII century). Notes with rounded body fat, blue (his birth really yellow), no mouse ears brought on by gnawing loss. At first, the notes to live and aid to Nobi Shewashi (Nobito). Because of circumstances concerns of family decline Sewashi, Doraemon utilize Time Equipment back past right into the twentieth century (20) to discover why. Uncle uncovered the cause is Nobita - the grandmaster of Sewashi - so clumsy last must make life as difficult offspring comply with. So Doraemon Nobita choose to cohabit in order to help, overview as well as care for him in hard times.
Called Doraemon (ド ラ え も ん Doraemon?) Consists dora- (ド ラ?) Comes from nora neko (野 良 猫?) (Feline shed) in Japanese, not from names covered Dorayaki in Japanese, and -emon (衛 門?) common in the name of tradition in Japan, for instance, Ishikawa Goemon (equally as the word "-tarou" or men appear in the Japanese name). [2] [3] [4] In the 2007 episode, Doraemon's birthday, millers production where he calls him 'MS-903'In numerous English-speaking nations, Doraemon recognized means romaji notation, this is also a brand-new version called the current comics of the same name Kim Dong Posting Home. In the collection, he has commonly been misinterpreted for ferrets. In the variation in comics in Vietnam, additionally known by his label "Feline Ú"Here are the names of Doraemon in the nations as well as regions in East Asia and Southeast Asia, some of which could have methods to call. The name "Doraemon" initially appeared from the Vietnamese translation of the comic moved from the Thai operation of the Kim Dong Posting Residence, just as Thai intends to bring closer Doraemon and also to pronounce than to some workers Vietnamese characters in the tale was the name product eg Doraemon, Gian, Shizuka ...

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